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Addison Rae Pulled Over For Speeding? @whoisaddison

Imagine having every little thing you do on video? It would sure get annoying. I thought it was bad whenever there were videos of famous people eating.

Now people are capturing every moment. I guess that’s what happens when you ‘sign up’ for being famous.

Addison Rae who is one of the most popular influencers was pulled over for speeding. A video captured by non-other than the Hollywood Fix shows the moment.

It would be nice to have the Fame but dealing with cameras everywhere you look would sure get to be annoying. Addison Rae seems to be holding all the fame and cameras together pretty well. I guess if something was to happen with the officer then it would be nice to have someone filming from a far.

If I were her I’d have flipped the camera off when I drove away. Then they title it saying she was visibly upset, she wasn’t even that mad looking.

Other Addison Rae News:

Recently she released a new song, Obsessed and the music video is pretty sexual:

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