Addison Rae Literally Just Showed Off Her Nipples – Fans Aren’t Happy! But I Am!

Written by TrevStone

I’m actually shocked that this post wasn’t flagged by Instagram somehow but then again it’s Addison Rae and we all know that we loved this post by her. Recently Addison posted a picture of her and her boyfriend laying on a couch with her in a shirt that showed everything… literally..

Some of the fans in the comments weren’t too happy – sorry ladies but as a fella? I’m down with this content.

Her boyfriend doesn’t have to be in the picture. LOL. But I’m honestly shocked that she posted this content on Instagram, hell, she could have posted this same image on OnlyFans and made a bag. I mean I guess it isn’t always about the money, but damn. If I heard Addison Rae was joining OnlyFans and posting content like this? I’d be signed up in a heartbeat. So Addison…. If you’re reading this, give the people what they want.

Well maybe some people don’t want it because the comments were ruthless to her. Some of them anyway. From the 10 seconds of fame comments, to people ripping her for her boyfriends looks.

To be honest though.. Imagine the person who is taking the picture? Is it a guy? chick? I mean… has to be somewhat awkward. Or did they take it themself somehow? I mean if that’s the case what else are they recording? Ope! But imagine being that person taking the picture?

Addison Rae Exposes Her Ass On Instagram In First Post of 2022; Views Go Through The Roof! @whoisaddison – Pro Sports Extra |

Honestly her boyfriend should give us hope though boys, that if he can land Addison that we can’t land someone that’s good looking.

Just don’t give up hope fellas. Addison might be taken but at least this guy turned her emo and we get this type of content now.

Want to see more hot pictures of Addison? Flip the page!

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