Addison Rae Is Dating Jack Harlow? Bryce Hall Is Pissed! @BryceHall @whoisaddison

Written by schultzyca

Is Addison Rae dating Jack Harlow? The Internet certainly thinks so!

It is being heavily rumored that Addison Rae has moved on from Bryce Hall and now is dating Jack Harlow after seeing them at the Jake Paul and Ben Askren fight together. But Addison tweeted earlier today denying the rumors that she is in any form of a relationship and in fact is actually single.

Obviously Twitter believes that Addison is at least sleeping with Jack Harlow from all the evidence that they are digging up and to be very frank some of these people should be FBI agents because the research they are doing and digging is very impressive.

Now none of this proves that Addison and Jack are in a relationship by any stretch but this would be a weird pairing because Jack seems like a guy thats only into black women and he is a goofy dude that Addison wouldn’t be into. Certainly would be a weird couple. Addison’s ex Bryce Hall seems to be very effected by this rumors and seems to think that Harlow and Rae are in fact hooking up. As the kids would say Hall seems to be ‘down bad’.

Is Hall suggesting that Addison possible cheated on him? It certainly does seem like he is. But I am confused because was not Bryce the one that initially cheated on her? Influencer that minor celebrity relationships is very hard to follow and this is a very weird event or rumor.

Bryce seems to be very effected by all of this and who can blame him. Are Addison and Jack in a relationship who knows?

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