Addison Rae Caught Cheating?

Written by TrevStone

Addison Rae has become a household name and currently she is in some trouble. Recently she unfollowed her mother on Instagram, everyone is mad at her father for cheating on her mother with a 25 year old. Whose is now coming out saying she was misled.

Now Addison’s dad wants to fight Yung Gravy because Yung Gravy and Addisons mom are a thing now?

Life is crazy. Addison dad is going nuts. Addisons mom is about to get some Yung Gravy. And where is Addison?

If I was her I’d be embarrassed by all of this. And I think she is because she has unfollowed both her parents after this.

Almost seems like the spotlight is shifting from Addison to her parents. Never a good thing that they’re trying to take the spotlight over when their daughter has been crushing it over the last couple years.

Would it be cool to see a boxing match between Addisons dad and Yung Gravy? Sure. Will it happen? Highly doubtful. Addisons dad is just trying to ‘win back’ his ex at this point and I don’t think it’s going to work.

Addison doesn’t want to be dealing with this, she’d rather be showing her body off. And I don’t blame her:

Featured image from: YouTube

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