According To Joe Buck Dodgers Pitcher Dustin May’s Hair Smells Amazing

Americans golden boy announcer Joe Buck had another great insight to share with the fans tonight. He let everyone know during Game 2 of the World Series that Dave Roberts the Dodgers manager says with all the hair care products Dustin May puts in his hair that he smells amazing. What the heck? Listen I can’t stand Joe Buck I think he got his career off of his fathers name and he is terrible to listen to so I am not shocked he said this at all the guy is awful to listen to straight up. I would much rather to Jessica Mendoza and we all know how awful she is.

I can’t imagine this guy virtual calls every major professional sports event and Fox just lets him. He really is horrendous to listen to. Call me crazy but here is a hot take…Joe Buck stinks. Anyways thank you again Joe Buck for continually giving us clips and sound bits to goof on you about.

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