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Aaron Rodgers Wins His Third MVP, Joins Exclusive Company (That Includes Dan Bilzerian). Yes, You Read That Right.

Written by Tony

In a year that started with the heir apparent in Green Bay getting drafted in the first round (Jordan Love), Aaron Rodgers put his final stamp of “go fuck yourself” in his trophy case. Tonight he wrapped up his 3rd MVP at the age of 37, with receiving 46 out of 50 first place votes over Patrick Mahomes. Rodgers led the league with a 121.5 passer rating, the second-best in NFL history as well as wracking up 48 bombs and only five interceptions.

You aren’t supposed to do this at any point in your career, let alone being 37 and on the tail end of your career. With Brady doing what he did this season, it is hard to foresee a near day where Rodgers slows down. I like everyone with half a brain, has ripped into Rodgers the past couple of seasons, trying to be the first to point out his diminishing stats and his apparent aging. Well guess what? Hand up, like the “Zune” kids of 08′, I was big wrong.

Here is a list for you: Johnny Unitas, Brett Favre, Peyton Manning, Jim Brown and Tom Brady. Those are the people in NFL history that Rodgers just joined. Like Dan Bilzerian in a cabana with 20 girls who are forced against their will to pose in a skin tight bikini and pretend to like him for clout, money and drugs (allegedly/probably), I would say that is not bad company to be around.

I think the rub on Rodgers completely changed this year with his weekly appearances on the Pat McAfee show. He seemed so much more normal than we were ever able to see before, and I vastly changed my opinion on him as a person and teammate.

It is a precarious situation with a man tomorrow playing in Super Bowl for the 10th time, but if you have eyeballs it is hard to make a case against Rodgers for being the most talented QB to ever touch a football. His storied career continues to grow in accolades, and seeing what we saw this year, there is a good chance it isn’t even close to over. Good luck seeing the turf, Jordan.

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