It appears that Aaron Rodgers is ONCE AGAIN odds on favorite to win the NFL MVP award. Just ridiculous.

In a season full of drama and riddled with lies, Rodgers remains ahead of the class.

While the margin with him and Tom Brady is very miniscule it really looks as if Rodgers will take the trophy home for the second year in a row. Going into the week Tom Brady was leading the pack with (+110) odds but due to a lackluster performance on Sunday Night against The Saints Tom has slipped DAHN. This of course allowed Rodgers to elevate his MVP case.

I mean just look at his numbers this season,

Absolutely ridiculous, all while missing a game due to him contracting COVID-19. Let’s compare him to Brady.

Now, Brady for sure has him beat in passing yardage but he’s also averaging 35 attempts a game in comparison to Rodgers 28….. Also has 7 less INT’s and has his team fully locked, loaded, and healthy.

Despite Rodgers apparent mistrust in the Packers organization he pushes on and doesn’t let the outside noise affect him like many others do.

Just look at this toss of the pigskin… UNBELIEVABLE. Rodgers even in the older state of his career is making throws that very few would even dare to attempt.

Forgot to add on just how great of a “gunslinger” he is WITHOUT the turnovers like his counterpart, Brett Favre.

Rodgers will go down as one of the greatest to ever do it, and I’m just glad I was alive to see it.


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