Aaron Rodgers has been a character over the past couple of years. With is weird COVID treatments, or how he showed his broken toe to reporters in a press conference. He’s been in the headlines more in the past 20 months, with his trade rumors added on to that, than he has since 2005 when he was drafted.

And news coming out in the past week saying that Aaron Rodgers was invited and skipped his brothers wedding, is just super unfortunate. Reports also stated that Aaron and his family has had a not so great relationship in the past few years. This makes me upset because they also say this Aaron’s brother, Jordan, does love and care for his brother. There’s no better time to make up with someone, especially someone as close as your bother, than on their wedding day.

I think Aaron Rodgers is a petty jerk here. And again, its really unfortunate to see this happen, and I’d wish Aaron Rodgers would grow up because he’s acting like a child.

Blog by Luke Sidaway


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