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Aaron Rodgers says he’s played a game on Percocet

Written by Tony Ghaul

Aaron Rodgers admitted on Joe Rogan’s podcast that he had played a game in the NFL while on percocets.

Aaron Rodgers gave a full play-by-play breakdown of what exactly happened with his vaccine controversy last year on the Joe Rogan podcast.

The Packers quarterback was on Joe Rogan’s podcast this week, and he and he gave details on how things unfolded, through his perspective, from the start of training camp to the day he was asked if he’d been vaccinated.

Rodgers explained that he’s allergic to a certain part of the vaccine. He was all set to take the Johnson & Johnson shot, until it got pulled for causing blood clots in certain recipients. Aaron said that he researched another alternative to protect himself. One that involved holistic medicine. Rodgers went that route, instead of getting the vaccine.

He says that he showed up to camp with everyone knowing what his status was. Something that was hard to miss, because the NFL would literally separate players both physically and symbolically. Different colored wristbands were given for people to differentiate.

Aaron says he eventually caught COVID from an already-vaccinated player. He says he felt betrayed by the media.

Aaron Rodgers is a great quarterback. Supremely talented, but one of the strangest athlete’s ever.

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