Aaron Rodgers is returning to the Green Bay Packers.

For a lot of fans, they never believed he was leaving in the first place. Personally, I did get all wrapped up into the “trade” hype around the 2021 NFL Draft…but besides that day or two drama filled disaster-fest, it never did much for me. The Packers were not and are not going to trade him. I said that from the jump and even made a Youtube video about it back after the NFC Championship loss.

That was roughly six months ago. Everything that was stated by yours truly back then still rings true in July. Yet, that didn’t stop all the pundits, insiders, and so called ‘experts’ to take their reporting from one street to another. First, it was a trade demand. Then it was an early retirement for Aaron Rodgers to force the issue. Then it was a REAL retirement threat. Then it was about money and a potential contract extensions. Then it was about a bunch of wild Hollywood opportunities and hosting Jeopardy.

Yeah, because that was REALLY going to happen…

Here is where the headline makes sense. Not because I say he will return to the green and gold. No, I have been saying that all along. You want to know who FINALLY realizes Aaron Rodgers is returning to the Green Bay Packers?

Aaron Rodgers.

His latest quote is him waving the white flag, talking about working out seriously again soon and getting things set in the next few weeks. That is him admitting defeat. He isn’t going to be traded. He isn’t going to sit out for the year and give up $35 million. He certainly isn’t going to retire. His ego would never allow any of those things. His hissy fit failed, and now he has to come crawling back to Wisconsin. As much as he may hate it.

Trust me, I live here. At times, I love it. Other times…I get it. By the way, Bucks in SIX BABY!

Back to Rodgers though, he is returning. Let’s be real. He thought he had the upper hand as Jordan Love kept sucking it up in practice. All that did though was make the Packers even more head strong in their refusal to deal away their big NFL MVP quarterback. The organization called his bluff, and now he has to show off his 2-7 off suit. Oops! A big swing and a miss this off season, not only for the QB but also for all the big reporters that have been wrong and uninformed since day one. Sorry Rodgers, you may or may not get that pay raise…but for 2021, you will be playing for the Green Bay Packers. One more year? One more chance? One more ring?

Welcome back to Mr. Rodgers’ neighborhood ladies and gentlemen. NFC – watch out…


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