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Aaron Rodgers….Retiring?!

Written by Scal

The Aaron Rodgers rumors continue to get more and more outrageous as we get closer to the season. Today was no different. Points Bet, an online betting app has taken the Packers win total off the board Friday afternoon from speculations that Rodgers will retire. As I type this I see that my app, Stations Casinos also has the total off the board. Upon closer look the total seems to be off all places.

Who knows the validity of this retirement rumor. It could be off the board because of all the trade rumors. Or the rumors of Devante Adams not returning. Regardless of this, with only a few weeks until kickoff, the Packers are a mess.

If you have the ability to, I’d hop on their under win total. This team and organization is just a mess. I guess if Rodgers plays it could be troublesome. But be it retirement, trade, or just refusing to play, Aaron Rodgers does not seem to be playing.

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