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Aaron Rodgers Is Converting A Portion of His Salary To Bitcoin #PaidInBitcoin @AaronRodgers12

Aaron Rodgers is joining forces with the almighty Cash App to help bring the people BitCoin. Rodgers himself is converting a portion of his salary into the crypto currency. This seems to be becoming the new normal in all of sports as athletes are seeing the crypto currency as a great investment for their future, and I can’t argue it. While people like me are far too dumb and stupid to get into the crypto game it’s always very interesting to see these athletes take these calculated risks.

Rodgers joins the likes of, Tom Brady, Steph Curry, and Trevor Lawrence on the forefront for big name athletes taking a leap with crypto. While joining with CashApp it looks as though Rodgers and the company are putting their money where their mouth is by giving people who drop their cash tag some portions of Bit Coin and it’s awesome.

So drop your Cash Tag, maybe Aaron will bless your bank account!

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