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Aaron Rodgers Is Attemping To Rebuild His Fanbase By Telling Others He Played Last Season With A Broken Leg…Right After News About Him and Mike McCarthy Not Liking Each Other Comes Out |Cry Rodgers Cry | Show Me The X-Ray’s

Written by TrevStone

Alright. I am so sick and tired of hearing about the washed up Aaron Rodgers. From his family feud to his feud with his coach, it just shows Rodgers can’t take direction, from anyone. I would like to wish Packers first year head coach Matt LaFleur good luck with working with Rodgers, but who am I kidding…. “Break a leg” is what I would actually tell him.

And that’s what we are here to talk about.

Isn’t it weird that right after the news about Mike McCarthy and Aaron Rodgers not getting along that Rodgers starts crying to the media about playing with a “broken leg”…

Weird right? Why would he wait to come out about it? Especially till now…. Just a couple of days after the feud with him and his former coach come out. I don’t understand it. We had to deal with “Aaron is limping” every single game last year, why not tell us then? We all know that we will have to deal with it again this year. Is this a warning that you’ll be limping Aaron or should I say Sharon? Because we all know what really dangles down there.

According to Rodgers: He suffered a tibial plateau fracture and a sprained medial collateral ligament in his left knee in the Packers’ 24-23 come-from-behind victory over the Bears at Lambeau Field on Sept. 9. Rodgers left that game riding in the passenger seat of the team’s medical cart but emerged from the locker room in the second half to lead the Packers back from a 20-0 deficit.

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“If you watch the hit back, just my two bones that come together on the outside just kind of made an indent fracture. Very painful,” Rodgers explained. “The good thing was it’s not super load-bearing every single time. But there’s definitely some movements and things you do naturally that affected it.

I am still waiting to hear from Doctors that he did play with a “broken leg” because these sure seem like some misleading title’s… “A broken leg?” Oh, yeah? I would like to see the X-Rays. What type of idiot would play with a broken leg and no chance at making the playoffs?….

“The MCL was frustrating as well because it did start to get better and then Christian Jones tackled me on the sideline in Detroit early in the game (in Week 5) and it basically reset the whole thing. After the first quarter of the first game, I really wasn’t 100 percent the entire year. That’s not an excuse for the way I played or didn’t play, but it limited my mobility for a good part of the season.”

You’ll get wrecked again in Detroit, buddy.

“Especially as an older player, it’s great. I feel great. My legs feel good. My feet feel good,” Rodgers said. “It would be nice to be a little healthier from the start. It’s something you can’t avoid, but I’ve made some changes to my offseason training regimen and approach and the kind of team that I have around me, which I think is going to help.”

I believe he is just trying to hide up the fact that him and McCarthy didn’t get along and that his family still doesn’t like him. He has to try and rebuild his fan’s.

What do you think? Seem’s a little fishy, right? Down goes Rodgers. And…. Another injury. Happens every year. Year? More like… Every single week.

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