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Aaron Rodgers Claps Back at Hub Arkush, Calls Him an ‘Absolute Bum’

Just a few days after Chicago-based sports beat writer and insider Hub Arkush came out publicly and said he won’t vote All-Pro quarterback Aaron Rodgers for MVP this season, calling him,’ the biggest jerk in the league,’ the famous Green Bay Packer delivered a one-line insult right back to Arkush.

Via tweets by NFL’s Dov Kleiman and beat reporter Rob Demovsky, Rodgers went on record in his press conference and tabs Arkush an ‘absolute bum’ for his comments about the Packers quarterback.

Rodgers states in Kleiman’s video that Arkush does not know him personally, and believes he wouldn’t vote for him due to his COVID-19 vaccine status/stances.

Here is the full video with the Arkush/Rodgers comments:

To be honest here, Rodgers is probably going to win another MVP award regardless of what Arkush said about the quarterback. But Rodgers is correct on one thing, Arkush is pretty much not voting for him due to the fact that the Super Bowl champion quarterback is not vaccinated, which is wrong to admit for Hub.

We have our own opinion of those players that are not vaccinated, but if you ask any logical sports person, it would be unfair to exclude those players from any voting due to status, period.

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