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Aaron Rodgers Caught Cheating!; Julio Jones To Green Bay Packers? NFL Has A Cheating Problem

Written by TrevStone

Aaron Rodgers and Green Bay Packers have done nothing but cheated each and every year. It seems like no matter what Green Bay ends up getting bogus calls that other teams don’t get. I’m sick of it. Even if Aaron Rodgers is one, if not the best quarterback in the league, there isn’t a reason for him to get every single call.

There is a video on YouTube that shows plays from 2019 where Green Bay benefited when they shouldn’t have. The video is nearly 15 minutes long and the creator of it claims that he could easily made it an hour but everyone understood what the problem is after 15 minutes of it.

Some of the plays are absolutely terrible:

So many of the plays are in crucial situations and it’s ridiculous. When the announcers start saying that it’s the wrong call constantly, something is wrong! Who knows who is doing it. But it seems like it’s gotten worse over the years. And in games when Aaron Rodgers didn’t play in, these calls didn’t happen. Is the league trying to protect and help their golden boy?

Sure seems to be that way. Like I said, Rodgers is a great quarterback. But things seem very fishy whenever there is Green & Gold playing. Oh speaking of Rodgers, have you checked his girlfriend out? She’s a smokeshow! Click here to see her hot images.

Another game where Rodgers cheated? Monday Night Football. And guess what? I was kicked out of the game:

In other Green Bay Packers news, I feel like if Green Bay plans to keep Aaron Rodgers that they should and will bring in another weapon for him at wide receiver. Who would that WR be? Julio Jones.

Green Bay is only a couple of weapons away from making a Super Bowl run. But if Green Bay continues to make moves that pisses Aaron Rodgers off, they have no chance. Unless they believe in Jordan Love – but let’s be real, they’re not. They want Rodgers to be their quarterback for years. If they continue to treat him like crap, there is no way he sticks around. He’d rather be on Jeopardy than be treated how he has over the last couple of years.

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