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Aaron Rodgers Announces $500,000 Donation To Barstool Fund To Help Save Small Businesses – Encourages Teammates, Sponsors, Organization, Etc. To Donate As Well | @aaronrodgers12 @stoolpresidente @TheLizGonzales @BarstoolFund

Written by TrevStone

Barstool Sports founder Dave Portnoy and NFL star QB Aaron Rodgers jumped on Instagram live tonight at 9PM EST and Rodgers announced that he is going to be donating to The Barstool Fund.

The Fund is used to help small businesses survive during COVID. So far the Fund has raised over $21,000,000 and they’re helping 97 businesses so far – with more added every day.

As soon as they went live – like always there was some technical problems because Instagram Live seems to always have them when you try and connect with someone. But if you’re a follower of Barstool, you’ll know that this happens with everything that they do. The Barstool Difference.

Once they finally ended up getting the live stream going Rodgers announced that he is going to donate the same amount that Dave Portnoy started with, $500,000. Rodgers said he wanted to go live and announce it because he wants his teammates, organization, sponsors, etc. to donate as well.

“I’ve been following you for awhile. I love the brand. I love what you’ve done.” – Aaron Rodgers

Rodgers then went on to complement Portnoy and say although he the company he built is impressive, what he is doing right now is the most impressive thing he has done thus far.

“They’re doing what the government isn’t doing.” – Aaron Rodgers

You can click here to donate or get more information.

Rodgers, 37, is having the best year of his career as he finished the regular season with 48 touchdowns and 5 interceptions. He’s also completing 70% of his passes and Rodgers he’s doing what he can to give back to those who need it most.

Its hard for me to type this as a Detroit Lions fan – Rodgers is becoming hard to not like.

We reported earlier today that Rodgers and Portnoy had a phone call recently – but Rodgers is now an MVP off the field.

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