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A Second ‘Yoopers for Trump’ Road Trip Set for Late August

Written by Nate

NOTE: there are a few people who strongly oppose President Trump and his policies, and they have their right to their opinion. However, I ask to please keep the discussion as civil as possible.

After a successful trip across the Upper Peninsula last month, the ‘Yoopers for Trump’ caravan has planned a second trip through the U.P. later this month.

On Saturday August 29, the next Yoopers for Trump road trip is scheduled to take place with a longer route than the previous one.

In their next trip, the caravan is expected to visit more of the western regions in the Upper Peninsula. They will take off from Escanaba, then they will travel to the areas of Iron Mountain/Kingsford, Iron River, Baraga, Ishpeming, Gwinn and back to Escanaba. The trip is expected to span 245 miles altogether.

The full itinerary of the trip can be viewed down below.

The trip is slated to start at 9 a.m. EST. For the supporters who want to take part in the start of the trip, they are asked to arrive early as possible before the start time.

Participants in the caravan have their choice to drive on for the full trip or join in on areas in between.

There is a Facebook event that is publicizing this event for those who wish to participate.

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