A-Rod attempting a comeback to baseball? Sure looks like it! KBO anyone?

Written by schultzyca

There are not too many people on planet Earth that love the game of baseball more than Alex Rodriguez. When A-Rod retired from baseball in 2016 it was very evident that it was not his choice and he was being pressured by the Yankees front office in some way shape or form. A-Rod was Major League Baseball’s public enemy number one for YEARS and when he stepped away from the game and turned into an analyst he kind of reinvented his image and everyone seems to love him a complete 180 and you love too see it. Anyways I’ve always thought that even though Alex was nearly 40 years old when he retired that he thought he had something left in the tank. When you hear him talk it is so clear how much he still loves the game of baseball and I don’t think that will ever leave him. Watch this video of A-Rod doing cage work and you make the call for yourself:

I mean c’mon he looks like he’s in great shape, forearms are JACKED. Anyone out there need a DH? Now I am not saying that A-Rod is going to make a comeback to the MLB that is a long shot at best but Korea anyone? The KBO would love to have A-Rod I bet, he is well loved in Japan and any American star that goes over seas is instant big money attraction! So what is this A-Rod just passing the time? Or does this video have hidden meaning? Whatever it is I just hope Alex is happy. Will always love A-Rod regardless.

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