A Rare PBR Hat Trick: Three Round Winners in OKC

The PBR (Professional Bull Riders) Monster Unleash The Beast wrapped up the final round of the Express Ranches inside the Chesapeake Energy Center in Oklahoma City with some fireworks for the fans.

It is not uncommon to see a round win be split between two of the world’s best bull riders at an event on the premier series.

But, to see a three-way tie for the round win is as rare to see as a quarterback making a successful hail mary pass as the play clock winds down to zero.

Kaique “The Iceman” Pacheco started the run of high-scoring rides off in his pairing with Short Pop (1-1). Pacheco has earned the nickname “The Iceman” given that he rarely shows emotions on the chutes or after a ride. As he nodded and Short Pop popped out of the chute, Kaique established his seat and danced with the beast for 8-seconds as the whistle blew. With an 88.75-point score posted, the bar for the lead in the round would be set rather high for the remaining riders.

See the first 88.75-point ride below:

The video shows that while “The Iceman” might have been sidelined for most of the 2019 season, he is starting to show real drive in seeking to add a second gold above his mantle at the end of the 2020 season. Judging from this ride video, he will be a contender to watch in the world title race.

The youngest two-time PBR World Champion bull rider, Jess Lockwood was up after Kaique, in his matchup with Buddy’s Pet (1/1). Lockwood climbed down into the chute and did his final preparations, wrapped his hand and pulled his collar out of his vest before nodding to open the gate. Buddy’s Pet and Lockwood exploded out of the chute and Jess quickly opened up with his leg and started spurring Buddy’s Pet to show the judges he was in control and adding points to the ride. As the 8-second whistle blew and scores were tallied another 88.75-point score was added to the leader board.

See the great second-in-a-row 88.75-point ride below:

This ride shows Lockwood is determined to defend his championship this year, seeking to join the only two riders in the league history to win three PBR World Champion gold buckles: Adriano Moraes and Silvano Alves. This ride shows that Jess might join this elite company sooner rather than later.

Jose Vitor Leme was standing on the back of the chutes watching the previous two-rides, but if he felt any pressure he was not showing it. He appeared more focused on his pairing with Boogie Bomb (1-1).

Leme took to wrapping his riding hand and nodded for the gate to open. Boogie Bomb came out of the chute bucking with the fit-soccer-playing bull rider firmly in his seat on the bulls back. Together Leme and Boogie Bomb danced for 8-seconds and the judges went to work tallying the scores after the 8-second whistle blew. It did not take long for the third and final 88.75-point ride to be announced the raucous fans to show their excitement for another great ride.
See the third and final round tying ride below:

This ride shows Jose is going to be a world title contender and hungry for his first world championship. If he can continue to post rides like this throughout this season, Leme may be the one hoisting the World Champion buckle in Las Vegas come November.

If fans would like to relive all of the excitement of the Express Ranches Invitational event in Oklahoma City, it is available on the PBR digital network RidePass on-demand section available via RidePass.com or the RidePass mobile application.

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