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A Quick Dive In History: Why Scottie Pippen Is Having A Beef With Michael Jordan

Scottie Pippen was at it again with his one-sided personal beef with Michael Jordan as he called his former teammate a “horrible player” while praising LeBron’s ability on the court throughout all these years. He ranted about Michael Jordan’s place in basketball immortality and discredited the GOAT’s career.

Scottie Pippen and Michael Jordan were renowned teammates on the Chicago Bulls during their dominant run in the 1990s, winning six NBA championships together. While their on-court chemistry was undeniable, there have been instances and statements that suggest Scottie Pippen harbors some resentment toward his former superstar teammate. 

We need to understand Scottie’s side of things as we look back at the time when both were playing together for the Bulls. Despite being an essential part of the Bulls’ success, Pippen was consistently underpaid throughout his career. In contrast, Jordan was widely recognized as the highest-paid player in the league and earned significantly more than Pippen. 

The former all-star small forward may feel overshadowed by Jordan’s immense popularity and the media’s tendency to focus primarily on his Airness. Despite his own remarkable skills and contributions to the team’s success, Pippen often played second fiddle to Jordan’s larger-than-life image. This constant comparison and lack of individual recognition could have caused Pippen to resent Jordan, who seemingly received the lion’s share of attention and accolades.

Also, Pippen may feel that Jordan did not always give him the credit he deserved. Despite Pippen’s exceptional skills as a versatile and reliable player, Jordan’s presence often overshadowed his contributions.

Another factor that might have fueled Pippen’s animosity towards Jordan is the infamous “Flu Game” incident during the 1997 NBA Finals. Pippen played through numerous injuries and ailments during his career, but he claims that he would have handled the situation differently than Jordan did. Pippen might have felt that Jordan’s determination to play through illness in that high-profile game was motivated more by personal glory than the team’s well-being.

Lastly, Pippen’s frustrations with Jordan could stem from their contrasting personalities and leadership styles. Pippen was known for being a more introverted and reserved individual, while Jordan was fiercely competitive and driven. Pippen’s resentment towards Jordan has been on full throttle since Michael Jordan’s documentary, “The Last Dance” came out a couple of years ago.

It also doesn’t help that Pippen’s ex-wife, Larsa Pippen, has been dating Michael Jordan’s son, Marcus Jordan. While the couple denied that their relationship doesn’t directly affect Scottie and Michael’s beef, the public has stated otherwise. It is impossible that their names wouldn’t be dragged on with all of this because we are talking about the ongoing beef of the greatest duo of all time.

With both players already in the twilight of their lives, it is saddening to think that they might never reconcile until everything is too late. They were the primary reason why Chicago was considered one of the strongest dynasties in league history.  

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