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A ‘March for Our Rights’ Rally Expected to be Held in Upper Peninsula in May (Marquette)

Written by Nate

A pro- second-amendment (right to bear arms and security) rally is set to be held in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan next month.

On Facebook, the Citizens United for Freedom and Firearms (CUFF) group is set to stage a ‘March for Our Rights’ rally at Harlow Park and Washington Street in Marquette.

On the event’s page, the notable, featured speakers for the rally are representatives Beau LaFave (R-108) and Greg Markkanen (R-110), Michigan Governor candidate Austen Chenge, public speaker, chiropractic doctor and founder of Michigan Needs an Adjustment, Garrett Soldano, and Michigan Republican Party Co-chair Meshawn Maddock.

There will also be mini raffles for both adults and children occurring, along with bills and petitions being passed around too.

As stated in the photo above, the rally is set for rain or shine on Saturday, May 8, starting at 10 am going through 2 pm.

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