A Man’s House Rest On The Shoulders Of Damian Lillard And The Blazers

A lot is at stake tonight in the Blazers vs Nuggets game. Such as if the Blazers win they clinch a spot in the playoffs if the Nuggets win they will lock up the three seed, and a man’s house is on the line tonight. This guy bet on Blazers to win 42 games, the Blazers currently sit at 41-30. The good news for this gutsy gambler is that the Nuggets don’t want to win tonight. With a win, the Nuggets clinch the three seed. This means if the Lakers win tonight, the Nuggets match up with them in round one. If the Nuggets lose, they will get the Mavericks in the first round. Let’s just hope this guy has a house by the end of the night.

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