Philadelphia Eagles star WR A.J. Brown voluntarily called into 94.1 WIP Philadelphia Sports Radio’s Afternoon Show and put the media on blast for their corrupt journalism.

Brown gave an authentic and passionate 20 minutes on WIP to clear the air on all the speculation and rumors about him and the team, since the end of the Eagles season.

Brown started right in with Afternoon Show hosts Ike Reese and Jack Fritz.

“What’s the deal? You guys are supposed to be supporting Philly but it don’t turn out to be that. Why make up so many rumors because most of the rumors don’t even be real rumors these are rumors that you guys are making up and everybody runs with.”

The hosts asked him about his relationship with QB Jalen Hurts and his sideline flare ups.

“I think that is BS. I’m not going to get into our relationship on the air…it wasn’t a problem when I was on my six-game streak. They only started talking about that when we started losing”

“What if my flare ups on the sideline are because I care so much? And wanna hold people accountable and get them back up? Yall just don’t see it from Jalen because that’s not his personality. But it’s mine.. And I can do that because nobody works as hard as me and puts the work in as much as me, and I stand on that. Y’all take it as anger, it’s passion.”

Brown addressed his future with the Eagles.

“I understand it’s a business, but I can tell y’all I want to be here. I want to be here. I love where I’m at.”

In just two seasons with the Eagles, Brown has been highly productive on the field. He set the record for the most receiving yards in a single season with 1,496 yards in 2022, and he secured second place with 1,456 yards in 2023.

I give Brown a lot of credit for going out and attempting to set the record straight himself on the local radio station.

Eagles star WR A.J. Brown. Photo courtesy of USA Today


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