There are only three football games left until the end of summer. Well I guess we have the XFL to tie us over until the Masters and baseball gets rapped up for spring sports. I went 3-1 in my divisional picks last week, hitting huge on the Titans money line. In these NFL playoffs I am 5-3 hitting both the Titans money line wins. It’s easy you want to make money you read my stuff and if you want your friends rich you share my shit. Lets all have money and be happy. Yes I will be handicapping the XFL but let’s finish the N.F.L. Season strong.

Chiefs -7 vs Titans:

Now look I have been on Tennessee this whole playoff season. I will secretly be rooting for them to win this game. I just think there is too much firepower for Kansas City. Travis, Sammy, Ty will all make plays in this game vs a great defense and Mahomes will be sharpe. Henry will get his and the Titans will try to slow the game down, I just think the Chiefs score too early too often to take the Titans out of their game. Heart says Titans, Brain says Chiefs.

Green Bay +8 @ San Fransisco:

Look the 49ers will win this game. They dominated the Packers in their earlier matchup this year. The 49ers defensive line will be all over Rodgers, who I think will make a lot of plays to keep this game close. I think the 49ers mix of a great running game and the way they use Sanders, and Kittle in the play action game will lead the 49ers to the Super Bowl. This will be a close physical game with San Francisco advancing to Miami. You’re welcome mom!!!


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