A Definite Ranking of the all the Uncomfortable Interactions on “Inside the NBA”

Written by Graciemarx

This season, “Inside the NBA” has been very weird. The usually funny show consisting of Shaq, Charles Barkley, Kenny Smith, and Ernie Johnson has turned completely cringe. There’s been a series of weird interactions and post game interviews that have just rubbed the sports world the wrong way. I’m gonna be ranking the top 3 most uncomfortable interactions from this season.

#3: Paul George

The Inside the NBA crew was so disrespectful in this interview. Paul George absolutely balled out against the Lakers, but Charles Barkley feels the need to ask him about the “preferential treatment” him and Kawhi received last season. It’s extremely disrespectful after a great game, they are asking him these controversial questions. This preferential treatment shit was last season with toxic ass Doc Rivers, so just let it go, and let the man start fresh. Paul George handled the questions really professionally. This bizarre opening night really foreshadowed how weird the TNT crew was going to be this season.

#2: Donovan Mitchell

This was last night, and ooof, it was brutal. Shaq with the major disrespect against Donovan Mitchell. Shaq says that Mitchell doesn’t have what it takes to get to the next level. He says it as a motivator for Mitchell, but Mitchell gives no fucks about what Shaq has to say. He just responds with “alright.” I’m not sure why the fuck Shaq would think it was a good idea to say this on live television. Mitchell is balling out and the least he could do was say something nice and positive. He eventually said “love your game brother,” but it came after the horrible insult. Shaq has unrealistic expectations for these players. Mitchell could drop 35 a night and it wouldn’t be enough for Shaq.

#1: Kevin Durant and Charles Barkley

This wasn’t anything hurtful like Donovan Mitchell, it’s just funny seeing Charles Barkley get completely ignored by Kevin Durant. Durant hit him with the “yeah” after Barkley asked him a question. That was the entire interview and it was super awkward. The TNT crew did a good job of turning into a complete joke, but it was clear that KD gave no fucks about the media or answering any questions from the crew.

Inside the NBA has been weird this season. They are definitely doing a good job of getting a reaction, but it comes at the price of just insulting athletes and not respecting any boundaries. I’m a fan of the show because I think it’s entertaining and funny, but they gotta to a better job of interviewing.

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