A Celtics Legend Is Getting His Jersey Retired, Mark Your Calendars Because You Can Not Miss This

This is what we needed, first full season back from covid with fans in the stands and we are retiring Kevin Garnetts jersey. Most deserving one in a while, him and Paul Pierce are our 2 biggest and best players since Larry Bird honestly.

March 13th against the Mavs is the big day for it all to happen, hopefully we can end up winning this game and not embarrass our OG getting his respect. I remember when we retired Paul Pierce’s jersey we got fucked by Lebron like the dickweed he is and it kinda ruined the moment for Paul. What worries me is that now we’re gonna be playing Luka when we retire KG’s jersey, I’m kinda thinking we just say fuck our legends and retire their numbers nights we could get fucked. Now I think we have a better team but fucking Luka can turn into fucking Kobe for 81 or he could be AirBud when he was weak as fuck on the ball. Luka has rare nights where he is butt shit but it happens.

Besides Luka maybe fucking us over, this is going to be a legendary night for KG, The Celtics and all of us fans. I have only seen one Boston Celtics Championship in my life and it was a huge thanks to KG. ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE, it may be a simple quote but it’s one that’s engraved into my mind and everytime I think it I see and hear KG. If you watch his interview after he won the championship and don’t get hyped the fucked up there might be something wrong with you. So let’s pack the fucking house for KG on March 13th and show him the love and fucking respect he deserves. Also anyone who boos him will have to fight me outside of the TD Garden.

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