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A Bevy Of Babes Want To Date Tom Brady

Written by Tony Ghaul

A Playboy playmate, a Brazilian bombshell, and a foxy football fan all say they dream of dating the NFL’s newly single megastar Tom Brady, after he and his supermodel wife Gisele Bündchen called it quits.

“I would have to essentially ask my husband for a hall pass,” Playboy model Sara Blake told The New York Post, meaning she’d need his OK to make a move on Brady.

Playmate Sara Blake said she’d play it cheeky if she met Tom Brady. “I’d be like, ‘Hey, what’s up, good looking? I love your chiseled jawline and you have such a cannon.’” Photo
Courtesy of Sara Blake
Blake deemed Brady’s work ethic and healthy regime “extremely attractive. Those are things that women look at.”
Courtesy of Sara Blake

“I’d be like, ‘Hey, what’s up, good looking? I love your chiseled jawline and you have such a cannon,’” Blake chuckled. “You know, ‘You’re the greatest quarterback of all-time … and screw Gisele.’ That’s what I would probably say.”

Brazilian model Mayara Lopes said she’d also make a play for the “very handsome and mysterious” Brady, despite not being much of a football fan.

Though not a big football fan, Brazilian bombshell Mayara Lopes said she’d be up for trying to land the newly single QB, whom she finds “very handsome and mysterious.”
Courtesy of Mayara Lopes
Lopes, a stunner from São Paulo, said she wouldn’t come on strong with the gridiron great, but “if I think he gave me attention, then maybe I’d make a move.”Courtesy of Mayara Lopes

“I wouldn’t necessarily approach him directly, but I would make eye contact and try to get his attention,” Lopes, 35, told The New York Post. “And you know, if I think he gave me attention, then maybe I’d make a move.”

Kendra Middleton, a 26-year-old college sports reporter for New England Sports Network and podcast host, grew up in Florida as a Jacksonville Jaguars fan but considers Brady her first football-related “crush,” she said.

Sportscaster Kendra Middleton thinks the divorced dad — a football “crush” of hers for years — might avoid A-list celebs as he rejoins the dating world: “His future is family.” Photo courtsey of The New York Post

Bobbi Stark, a 28-year-old science researcher in Phoenix, said she became a “ginormous” Brady fan after watching an ESPN documentary detailing his 10 Super Bowl appearances.

Researcher Bobbi Stark finds Brady’s willpower “just fascinating,” and said if their paths ever crossed, she make a play for him. “I would regret it if I didn’t,” she said. Photo
Courtesy of Bobbi Stark

Those traits combined with Brady’s undeniable sex appeal make him a “whole package deal,” said Stark, who is single.

Photo courtsey of Twitter @pagesix

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