In 2019, Indianapolis Colts QB Andrew Luck stunned the NFL, announcing he was retiring at the age of 29.

The sports world was stunned. This was a generational QB, on track for the Hall of Fame. Luck had just won the Associated Press NFL Comeback Player of the Year Award.

Andrew Luck. Photo courtsey of Michael Zito/AP Images for Panini

Luck recently sat down with ESPN’s Seth Wickersham to talk about everything surrounding his retirement. He talked about the chronic injuries he suffered and how he struggled to find an identity other than just as a quarterback.

Ultimately, Luck told Wickersham that the decision to retire came down to wanting to be more than just the Colts quarterback. He had recently married his longtime girlfriend Nicole. The pair were expecting their first child together, and Luck was once again fighting through chronic pain.

Andrew Luck is now 33. After he retired from the Colts, he tried to find new outlets for his obsessions. Skiing, cycling, rowing and fishing now fills his void for football. He was recently admitted to the Stanford graduate school of education. Luck says he’d like to teach and get into coaching.

Andrew Luck. Photo courtsey of The Sporting News


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