8th Grade Teacher And Her Husband Both Lost Jobs After Filming OnlyFans Video In Classroom – Students Found The Video – Samantha Peer aka Khloe Karter

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Imagine you’re sitting in class and your friend next to you bumps you and says did you see this video of our teacher? You start watching and you realize that the video was filmed right where you’re sitting? Or very close to you? And not only is it any video its one of your teacher getting banged by her husband who also works in the school?

That’s what happened tin Arizona recently in one of the most wild bizarre stories.

We’ve seen things like his happen before but with the popularity of OnlyFans, I’m sure she’s making a BIG BUCK over the last few days seeing this is one of the most talked about and trending stories.

Using the alias Khloe Karter, teacher Samantha Peer from Thunderbolt Middle School uploaded the X-rated video to her OnlyFans and needless to say the Science teacher was teaching some Science.

Her husband, Nautilus Elementary fourth grade teacher Dillon Peer, also was in the video which took place inside the Lake Havasu Unified School District building according to reports. Samantha said she had resigned under pressure on October 31st after being placed on leave and her husband was let go four days later.

Images Of Her:

She has since been kicked off of OnlyFans but has uploaded her content on other sites! *click here*

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