7 Years Ago… #DezCaughtIt Or #DezDroppedIt Happened. Catch Or No Catch?

It’s somehow been seven years since the infamous Dez Bryant play against the Green Bay Packers in the divisional round of the NFC playoffs took place and caused the internet to explode. The Cowboys ended up losing to the Packers 26-21 and the Packers advanced to the NFC Championship game.

But was it a catch?

As someone that is neither a Cowboys or Packers fan, that was objectively a catch. Everyone with half a brain could tell that that was obviously a catch. But the NFL at the time insisted on sticking with their lame “football move” rule and claimed that the ball came loose when Dez was trying to reach for the goal line.

Also in the clip above of the play in question, you can hear that little rat weasel Mike Pereria insisting that it wasn’t a catch because Dez didn’t make a football move. Whatever the hell that even means. Shocker.

The craziest part is, is that we STILL do not know what the NFL considers a catch or not. Great job Roger Goodell, you’re amazing at your job.

Did Dez catch it or not?

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