7 Reasons Why Esports Will Outperform Regular Sports

Written by TrevStone

Esports is moving by leaps and bounds and the one who does not understand this is a fool. The main question is what place he will take in this world and whether he will displace his older brother. It has not been difficult to follow eSports for a long time, PlayScore provides its readers with the most up-to-date news and announcements. You can also find broadcasts of tournaments for various games.

Analysts and commentators who speak the language of the community

Commentators in esports are different from their counterparts in traditional sports. They are always in sight and if they are not busy with their business, you can always find them in the hall or on the podium and exchange a couple of phrases. They are a godsend for new and experienced viewers, turning another skating rink at the tournament into an esports festival. Not only do they know the game inside and out, they know individual player styles, specific team strategies, and more.

Fantastic arenas that are specially configured for what is happening

This can only be seen in eSports. Remember the arena at The International for Dota 2, when the site itself acted as the main special effect, but also the ability to look through VR glasses.

The same can be said about Riot Games, who built a special arena near their headquarters, where they play League of Legends matches. This year the final of the World Championship, LoL World Championship was held in the real Olympic arena in Beijing called “Bird’s Nest”. The amazing environment allows fans to experience the game individually and is not inferior to professional sports events. Even for those who do not play video games, such arenas are a reason to believe in esports themselves.

Professional players who are always in touch with the fans

Not only do pros talk directly to fans during streams, but many times they receive gifts and crazy donations.

Players you can play with on the same battlefield

How often do you go out into the yard and see Cristiano Ronaldo asking you to play? With a high degree of probability, we will answer for you – never. Everything is different in esports, because it is built on video games that everyone can play, and even if you cannot and will not meet in ranked games, then in the conditional Overthrow for Dota 2, why not?

The esports community is united

The stadium is always limited by its footage, or yard, while the computer allows you to play with any player in the world, as long as the ping allows. Many of the disciplines have international leagues made up of different regions of the world and different levels of difficulty. One of the great things about being a fan is seeing how heroes, playstyles, and strategies differ across regions. But despite such differences, eSports unites not only young people from one city, but also from all over the continent online.

An audience that just won’t stop growing

Why is basketball so popular today? Why football? Just 15 years ago, the teenagers ran in the yard and played exactly these games. What about today? Children from the age of 7 play Dota 2, LoL, CS:GO. It may not always be good, but it is definitely an indicator. Today they are teenagers, and in another 15 years they are an audience. At last year’s ELEAGUE Major on twitch, an absolute platform record of 1 million viewers was set. And that’s not counting the Chinese fans.

Unique matches and tournaments that turn into a show

The International and CS:GO majors host show matches in which the most popular players from all over the world take part. They are chosen by voting in the compendium or on the site. In addition, Dota 2 hosts tournaments with special modes, such as the recent Captain`s Draft, or the sensational Midas Mode, which is attended by professional esportsmen. It’s like Shaquille O’Neal, Michael Jordan and a couple of other basketball stars playing 33 in the proleague.

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