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7 hottest Barstool employees! Click here for exclusive pics and rankings going into 2021!

Written by TrevStone

Barstool Sports has some of the hottest content creators. We’ve covered the hottest males (click here) now it’s time for the 5 hottest female creators at Barstool!

Before you say this is extremely weird. Take a second and pause. Think about everything that Barstool has done throughout the years. This isn’t weird. This is straight filth! I’m joking. But seriously, these workers know that they’re good looking. They post about it constantly. And I don’t blame them.

Let’s get into it!

#7 – Liz Gonzales

Liz has been at Barstool for a little while now. She’s one of the smartest minds at the entire company. And she’s also gorgeous. Probably the most underrated looking employee.

Although Liz doesn’t post any bikini pictures and it’s hard to find pictures to include into this, she couldn’t be left out.

Click Here To View The Male Version!

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