7 American Football Teams You Need To Follow

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When betting on American football, or any sport for that matter, a good place to start is actually knowing which to bet on and which teams to avoid betting on. Here’s a list of 7 American football teams that you might want to keep on your betting radar. 

  1. New England Patriots

The New England Patriots have been among the top contenders in the NFL for a substantial amount of time. Given that they have won four of the last five AFC Championships and three straight division titles, they are consistently highly ranked in terms of NFL power rankings. 

The Patriots tend to have mixed results when it comes to the big occasions but their success over the years still makes them a popular team to bet on. 

  1. Green Bay Packers 

Despite being an incredibly popular franchise, the Packers have only made seven consecutive playoff appearances and last lifted the Super Bowl trophy in 2011. However, they have been doing well since the turn of the century and this form has reaffirmed their position as one of the teams to watch. 

  1. Denver Broncos 

The Denver Broncos played the first American Football League game in 1960, making them one of the newer teams in the NFL. They have had three Super Bowl wins, with the most recent one being in 2016. 

If their quarterback, Russell Wilson, can rediscover his elite form then the Broncos will definitely be a team to watch in the coming seasons.  

  1. Seattle Seahawks 

Having made it to 10 out of the past 12 seasons, including 5 NFC Conference titles, the Seahawks are regularly a part of the discussions on the league’s most dominant teams. In their last Super Bowl appearance in 2013, they defeated the 49ers 28-24. 

The Seahawks also have a reputation for having a stout defence against the run, so this could make them a good betting option. 

  1. Dallas Cowboys 

In spite of them enjoying many success in the 70s and 90s in addition to breaking stadium attendance records, the Dallas Cowboys have not been as triumphant in recent years. 

However the addition of top-tier players such as Dak Prescott, CeeDee Lamb, and Micah Parsons have given fans renewed hope and pundits something to think about. 

  1. The Pittsburgh Steelers

With six Super Bowl victories, The Pittsburgh Steelers are easily one of the best teams in the history of the NFL. The Steelers have also had good runs outside of the Super Bowl and their recent return to glory could be a sign of their potential as a team to back for the next few seasons.

  1. The Las Vegas Raiders 

The team has recently fallen on hard times but their rich history in the league makes the Raiders one of the most popular teams to support and bet on in the NFL. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Which NFL Team Has The Most Wins?

The Green Bay Packers hold the record for the most and the highest winning percentage. The Dallas Cowboys come in at second for the most wins and the New England Patriots are third. 

What Is The Most Popular NFL Bet? 

The most popular way to wager on American football is to bet against the spread. Also known as point spread betting or ATS, is a means of levelling the playing field because of how football games are rarely perfect match-ups. To win this type of bet, the favoured team has to win the match and do so by a specified number of points. 

How Do I Win A NFL Parlay? 

With a football parlay bet two or more picks are required and the bettor is allowed to place a single wager on their selections. Gamblers tend to like this type of bet because of the potential of a sizeable payout without having to risk that much. 

How are Power Rankings Calculated? 

Power rankings are a system that analyses the results of competitive sports to produce ratings for teams or players. Power rankings are generally determined by sources directly asking people to rank teams or by sorting team ratings and assigning each team an ordinal rank. 

Final Thoughts

If you’re a supporter of an NFL team, deciding whether to bet with your head or heart can be quite the predicament. It’s important to remember that betting popular isn’t always the smartest way to bet; pay attention to recent form as much as possible. Ultimately, whoever you choose to bet on, make sure you do it through a legitimate bookmaker. 


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