5 times when The Simpsons predicted the future

Simpsons is an American series that began to telecast in the American screens in the year 1989 and continues to date. The show speaks of the struggles encountered by the dysfunctional family of Simpsons, a working middle-class scenario prevalent in the American set up and as to how the decisions taken by the government impacts their day to day life. These are some of the times when Simpsons had predicted the future. 

Smart Watches 

Smart Watches have become a thing in every household ever since Apple launched its first chain of smartwatches in the year 2013. But, in one of Simpson’s shows, the main lead is seen talking to his wife over a Smart Watch way back in the year 2003. The smartwatch integrates itself with the smartphone with the aid of the Internet of Things technology. But this has been the norm way back in the year 2003 in the show. 

Donald Trump president of USA 

Donald Trump, the current president of the USA is a big-time businessman. Started his career as a real estate developer and turning out to feature in Forbe’s 400, he eventually became the President of USA defeating the Democrats. Simpsons’ in one of its shows sixteen years back had predicted this. This is one of the facts that make every viewer jaw drop. The show has also predicted that his daughter Ivanka Trump would be running for president in the year 2028 and we need to wait and watch how clock runs and the table turns in the presidential elections. 

Electronic Voting machines hampering 

Ever since, technology entered into the political arena, the personalities in the political sphere have looked for all possible ways to use it for their benefit. The Democrats Vs Republicans battle has been aired in one of the Simpson’s shows where the vote cast in favour of Democrats would tamper for the Republicans. The same scenario can be seen in other parts of the world as well. 

Colonization of Mars 

Here is another prediction of Simpsons in a far future, exploring beyond earth. One of the basic instincts of human beings is to explore beyond their realised boundaries. Right from the stone age to the very present, we like to go see the places we haven’t seen before and no doubt it will continue in the future, but the possibilities will be beyond out planet boundaries. Right, like Simpsons prediction our exploration could be extraterrestrial to the closest possibly habitable planet ‘The Mars’ in 2026. Without integrated technological development, we have a lot of companies and scientists working on exploring Mars with N number of concepts making it habitable, one of the focused group called Space X which is run by a young entrepreneur Elon Musk with his remarkable achievements with his Tesla, Space X is preparing for Mars Bound Space ships before 2022. 

Robots rule the world

Simpsons have also made some predictions in their shows which aired in the early 2000s which showcased the fact that Artificial Intelligence would take over the world by storm and it would be really hard to imagine the world without the interference of machines. The fact has turned out to be much true with jobs cropping up all over the globe demanding an exemplary skill set comprising of concepts like AI, Machine Learning, Robotics, etc.

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