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5 Things That You Didn’t Know About Molly X | @babymollyx

Written by TrevStone

Molly X continues to be one of the most talked about creators on the Internet! She’s growing rapidly on multiple different platforms.

From her looks to her personality it’s not hard to tell why she has over a 1.5M followers on Instagram and over 300K on Twitter. She also has a Twitch channel where she enjoys talking to her fans and playing games!

Although she has a huge amount of supporters and you’re more than likely one of them here is five things that you probably didn’t know about Molly!

1. Animals

Molly is interested in a bunch of different animals. But cats are her favorite. And it’s not only house cats she also enjoys lions.

“I love animals and cats are my favorite whether it be lions or house cats. I have a cat named Luca (although I have over ten nicknames for him) who is half Siamese half ragdoll and he is so silly and sweet.”

2. Music

Most people probably think that Molly is into new music but actually she’s drawn to some older music!

“I’m really drawn to older music like The Beach Boys or Jimi Hendrix. I recently bought a record player and $500 worth of records at a local shop (growing my collection) and play them every morning when I wake up. It sets me in a great mood for the rest of the day!”


Molly is also shockingly into nerd culture! Something that I can’t lie, surprised me.

“I’m really interested in nerd culture (GOT/Walking Dead/Harry Potter/StarWars. Ect…)”


Molly for President?

“I am a humanitarian and have dreams to re-invent the world (or at least in government or politics)”


Along with the nerd culture Molly also enjoys space! She’s into all types of things space. From aliens to astrology, she enjoys it all.

“I’m someone who’s into all things ‘space’ (Astrology, astronomy, aliens 👽)”

Feel free to click here to check out Molly’s website! I recommend that you do.

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