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5 Takeaways from #Raiders HardKnocks Ep.3

This episode blew the other 2 out of the water.  We finally got to see AB with the team for basically a full episode, we got to see more of the 23 year old 40 year old Hunter Renfrow, Luke Wilson has some lettuce on that dome, and the best opening seene I’ve seen on hard knocks…. The man, The myth, The legend…. FRANK CALIENDO with the perfect Gruden impression ever. dont get me wrong hes had good ones out there but to do it the way he did, all the way down to him talking about Hunter Renfrow was perfect Gruden.


Here is my 5 takeaways


  1. Richie Incognito and ABs friendship is something I find fascinating. Like everyone expected Richie to be the black sheep of the Raiders organization but from everything I’ve heard from camp him and Antonio are like buddy buddy even away from the cameras. I love a good redemption story.
  2. Darren Waller is a interesting dude, I’ve had my eye on him since the departure of Cook and he looks like that new Athlete Tight End that Gruden loves to use. This guy is another redemption type story, he was adicted to pills 2 years ago and got a year long suspention in 2017. Since then he’s proven himself as a 3rd option TE last year with the Raiders. I’m excited to see him play this year and I expect to see him be a big part of the Offense.
  3. Hunter Renfrow is AMAZING!!! thats all i really have to say. He’s a old man in a young mans body. He’s got a receding hairline but hey so does half my friends. I love this guy.



    Derek Carr just feels different this year. He looks confident, and honestly he looks like the QB all Raiders fans want to see. I know we didnt see him alot in this episode but I’ve been hearing alot of chatter from Napa saying this feels like improved 2016 Carr… you know the year he was in the MVP talks till he broke his ankle, enough said.




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Cheers boys and girls

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