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5 Takeaways from HardKnocks

Written by Trashman Ronnie

HardKnocks Ep 4 just finished up and OH MY it was  shall I say an interesting one. I’m going to list out my 5 favorite parts of HardKnocks.

1.   Knock on wood if your with me!!! Jon Gruden may have inserted a new saying I will use for the rest of my life into my vocabulary. Gruden and his obsession with knocking on wood and counting backwards by 3 might be a psychopath move…. but I LOVE IT!!!! I don’t care if he counts backwards by 1, 2, 7, 27, or 69 (nice) I love that Gruden has a screw loose because well so do I. 

2.   Jason Cabinda is a interesting cat. His family is from Cameroon…. I dont know where that is and I’m sorry Jason im not going to look it up on a map. That being said I love this guy and his future teller mother. When he called his mom to tell her that she has tickets to the game in Canada for some reason I thought Cameroon was in Canada then I heard her accent and realized I was way off, but that was a touching moment. Jason get a new phone your moms phone is better. I think he will make the team and I cant wait to see what he does.

3.   Keenlan Doss. the number 89 hasn’t looked this good since James Jones! This man is out here not only making a case to make the 53, but hes making moves to get real valuable minutes in games! This mans jersey might just get on my next chinese jersey order. Oh P.S. Keelan stick to football, I love you man but no singing career for you

4.    Trivia question… How many yards is a football field when the Packers and Raiders play in Canada? if you guessed 100 you’re wrong… You shouldn’t be but you are, the answer is 80 yds. This whole game was a shit show from the start. Gruden said he wanted to play on the full field as is, the Packers head coach Matt LaFleur agreed with him but in the end the medical staff shut it down like a bar at 2am. The raiders are used to shitty fields, we play on a baseball field for gods sake!!

5.    AB does De La Salle! for those who don’t follow High School football De La Salle is a High School football factory in the Bay Area. AB decided he wanted to experience the community. He went to De La Salle vs Saint Thomas Aquinas ( A Florida football factory that is ranked #12 in the nation according to MaxPreps ). The game was televised on ESPN .and AB was signing kids shoes and hanging out in the student section, odd idea but hey a happy AB is a great AB.


All in all I loved this episode I will probably watch it no less than 9 times this week.

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