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5 Reasons Jake Paul Is Going To Beat Ben Askren | Watch Paul vs Akren | @JakePaul

Written by TrevStone

Tonight is the night! Jake Paul vs Ben Askren. The night we have all been waiting for. Will Ben Askren end Jake Paul’s boxing career? Or will Jake Paul put Ben Askren back into retirement and prove that he’s an elite boxer?

I’ve been following and blogging about Jake Paul for years! I’ve been one of the only people to stick by his side, especially when it comes to boxing.

5. Jake Paul Has Been Boxing For 3 Years

Everyone wants to bring up that Ben Askren has this ‘experience’ yes he does, not in boxing though. Jake Paul has been boxing for 3 years now. Has been taking it very seriously. And as he said, boxing is easier than being a YouTube creator.

4. Jake Paul Is Bigger Than People Think

Whenever you hear ‘Jake Paul’ people start to think of the little shit head YouTuber, that’s not what Jake is anymore. He’s a boxer.

3. Askren Is Built Like Every Retired 45 Year Old

All I need to say is look at this dad bod.

2. Jake Paul Has His Career On The Line

If Jake Paul loses this match there is a good chance that he won’t be boxing again. Unless it’s against YouTubers. He needs to win this match. If he does he gets to pick someone who’ll even bring in more money.

1. Jake Paul Has A Chip On His Shoulder As His Bodyguard Recently Passed Away

During the most recent episode of the podcast, ImPaulsive, Logan Paul shared news that his brother Jake’s bodyguard sadly passed away. On the episode both Paul brothers shared memories that they had of Shadow.

Where to buy the fight?

If you’d like to buy the fight you can head over to Fite.TV or click here!

Spoiler Alert! Jake Paul is Going to Dominate Ben Askren in the Ring on April 17th!


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