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Basketball players never give up: this is a sport for those who always strive upwards, even after hundreds of embarrassing falls. In this article we collected several movies about basketball, which will help you relax after a hard day. Anyone can find something insiring in sports movies, even those who have never heard of Michael Jordan or Ray Allen.

Space Jam, 1999
IMDb rating: 6,9

Sports comedy starring Michael Jordan, what could be better for a basketball fan? A good family movie will be interesting both for kids and adults who wish to relax and have some fun. 

Cartoon monsters invade Earth to take over the Looney Tunes characters. The animals, led by Bugs Bunny, invite them to play basketball on a dare and bring superstar Michael Jordan to their side.

Last year, the second part of “Space Jam,” hit the big screens, starring LeBron James. However he tries to hide it, “The King,” wants to be like Jordan in many ways. We don’t know about basketball, but in movies, LeBron hasn’t managed to outdo His Airness yet. Space Jam 2 was rated 4.4 on IMDb, and filming distracted the basketball player from sports so much that the Lakers went past the playoffs this season. If that’s what you were expecting, or if you’re just good at basketball, you can bet on who will be the NBA champion this season by picking the right betting odds at https://bookmaker-ratings.com/

Coach Carter, 2005
IMDb rating: 7,3

The movie is based on a true story, and Ken Carter, the main character of the story, was present on the set and watched for the accuracy of the script. The coach of a high school basketball team, one of the best in California, decides to ban his charges from competing because of their poor school performance. In order to get back in the game, the young basketball players must first take up their studies.

This movie is about a major dilemma at the beginning of every professional athlete’s journey – the choice between studying and the thing they love. Channing Tatum learned to play basketball from scratch for his role in this movie, and Ken Carter not only visited the set, but also personally chose the actor for his role – Samuel L. Jackson, whose play he was extremely pleased with.

Above the Rim, 1994
IMDb rating: 6,6

Street crime and Tupac Shakur are closely associated with the American ghetto culture of the 90s. It’s all there in Above the Ring. Tupac’s involvement made the film a cult classic among hip-hop fans.

A young and promising high school basketball player is at a crossroads between the sports field and the world of crime with shootings and drug dealing. But in addition to criminal mastermind Birdie, Tupac’s character is also influenced by a school security guard who is himself a talented basketball player.

The saving role of basketball in the life of a teenager is also portrayed in The Basketball Diaries with young Leonardo DiCaprio in the leading role. Based on a true story, this movie is about Jim Carroll, a talented basketball player who gets involved with the wrong company and sets foot on the wrong path.

White Men Can’t Jump, 1992
IMDb rating: 6,8

Woody Harrelson’s character takes advantage of the stereotype that white men can’t play basketball and can’t jump, while he, in fact, is very good at the game. Everything goes according to plan until he meets Sidney, a dark-skinned con man, thief of women’s hearts, and a street basketball star.

A big fight breaks out between the two players for the title of best basketball player and ladies’ man. The rivalry continues until they realize that the two of them together can make a lot more money than separately.

He Got Game, 1998
IMDb Rating: 6,9

The protagonist with the distinctive name Jesus, played by NBA star and record holder for most made three-pointers, Ray Allen, is a young talented basketball player. Major colleges around the country want this guy to play for them. His father, serving time for the murder of his wife, has a ghostly chance of getting out sooner than the 15 years he’s supposed to do. To do so, he just has to convince his son to go to a particular university. Except that Jizas himself cannot forgive his father for his mistake, and hatred prevents the young man from following his parent’s advice.


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