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5 Head Coach Candidates For The Las Vegas Raiders Job

Written by Robert McCarver

With the news that Jon Gruden is out as the Raiders Head coach because he’s a scumbag it’s time to look at a potential list of candidates. Let’s get started.

Brian Daboll

This is a name that we are going to hear a lot throughout this entire process. Daboll is the offensive coordinator for the Buffalo Bills and has turned Josh Allen into a high-level NFL QB. A top candidate for NFL Head Coach openings in this past offseason is sure to land one of the jobs that will be available after this season.

This would be a great hire for the Raiders from an X’s and O’s standpoint. The league has transitioned to an offensive league and couple that with the possibility of moving on from QB Derek Carr you need someone who can put a young QB in a position to succeed and Daboll has proven he can.

Eric Bieniemy

Another offensive coordinator who’s in a prime position to be a Head Coach sooner rather than later. The offensive coordinator of the Kansas City Cheifs has helped produce one of the greatest offenses seen in a while. Like Daboll, he will be a hot commodity in the offseason but there are some concerns.

The major concern is Bieniemy’s past, he has assaulted a parking lot attendant in the ’90s and was part of the coaching staff when Colorado players were facing sexual assault charges. With the Raiders just coming off of this embarrassment with Gruden, they won’t want another anytime soon.

Jim Caldwell

This would be a very boring hire but a hire that is more likely to get done than some may think. Caldwell is a well-respected person around the league and it seems like the Raiders need an adult in the room. Caldwell led the Colts to the Super Bowl in 2010 but ended up losing to the Saints. He then took over the Detroit Lions where he made a historically bad organization respectable but that’s all.

Caldwell is not someone who is going to lead you to the promised land unless you catch lightning in a bottle but he will make sure your organization is well run from top to bottom. If they don’t get a top flashy name, Caldwell should be at the top of the list for the Raiders to reshape their image. Players love him as shown when guys were visibly bummed out that he was let go from the Lions in 2018.

Bill O’Brien

Perhaps the most Raider hire that there possibly could be is O’Brien. He was respectable as Texans Head Coach but ruined that team with idiotic personnel choices and was the main reason star WR Deandre Hopkins wanted out. I’m sorry Raider nation for even mentioning this but the Raiders likes to Raider.

Lincoln Riley

The great offensive-minded college Head Coach has been the subject of rumors for the past 5 years of the next college coach to make the jump to the pros. If the Raiders want him they will need to back up the trucks because it will have to be a Gruden-type deal to tempt him to leave Oklahoma.

This would be a risky hire because the jump from college to pros usually doesn’t work out for the best, however many people around the league believe differently as Riley is always in the rumor mill. Riley produced back-to-back 1st overall picks when QB’s Baker Mayfield (Browns) and Kyler Murray (Cardinals) got drafted in 2018 and 2019. The bug question would be the Raiders’ willingness to make a big-name hire again.

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