5 Best Players in The Post Season of the NFL So Far

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The NFL has reached the crucial postseason stage where the top teams are vying to reach the Super Bowl. 

It’s less than one month away, on the 14th of February, at the SoFi Stadium that the Super Bowl LVI will take place, so make sure to start placing your Super Bowl prop bets before it’s too late.

This is where the best players tend to step up a gear and really stand out, so who has been setting the postseason alight so far? 

Jerick McKinnon – The Kansas City Chiefs

Jerick McKinnon is a good example of a football player who probably hasn’t made the impact in his career that his talent deserves. Injuries certainly played a part, as he moved from the Minnesota Vikings to the San Francisco 49ers before ending up with the Kansas City Chiefs. At 29 years old, this postseason could be the running back’s last big chance to show the world what he can do.

He made a wonderful start to the postseason in his team’s 42-21 win over the Pittsburgh Steelers. A lot of fans were surprised to see McKinnon play so well, with 12 carries adding up to 61 yards and six catches giving him another 81 yards. He added a touchdown and could arguably be the Chiefs’ top running back going into the year’s most crucial games. 

Josh Allen – The Buffalo Bills

Sometimes, a player will burst onto the scene with their best-ever games in the NFL postseason, and that could be what we’re about to see with the Buffalo Bills QB. Josh Allen turned in a fantastic performance as the Bills beat the New England Patriots 47-17 in the wild card playoff. As part of this outstanding game, he led his team to score on every single one of their first seven offensive positions.

It’s been lauded as possibly the most perfect offensive performance in NFL history but will Allen carry on improving all the way to the Super Bowl LVI on February 13? The next hurdle for the Bills is the divisional round game against the Kansas City Chiefs. If he turns in another sizzling performance, then we could be looking at one of the main protagonists of this postseason. 

Patrick Mahomes – The Kansas City Chiefs

Another Chiefs player who has lit up the postseason so far, Patrick Mahomes is on a terrific run of performances. The QB completed 404 passing yards in the playoff victory against the Steelers and created 5 TDs as well as getting 29 rushing yards. Mahomes has been with the Chiefs since 2017 and has already shown how valuable he can be at the crucial end of the season. 

He guided his team through the 2019-20 playoffs and then won the MVP as they beat the San Francisco 49ers in the Super Bowl. They got to the Super Bowl again the following year, although they lost to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers this time. All of this led to the Chiefs giving him one of the biggest contracts in sporting history to stay with them for the next ten years. As one of the favorites to win the championship game again this year, there is a lot of pressure on his shoulders.     

Deebo Samuel – The San Francisco 49ers 

Wide receiver Deebo Samuel joined the 49ers in the 2019 draft and immediately made an impact in his rookie year. Moving forward to this season, he had an excellent game in the wild card round. The 49ers beat the Dallas Cowboys 23-17 and Samuel led the way with ten carries for 72 yards, three catches adding up to 38 yards, and a touchdown. 

The special thing about Samuel is that he could be classed as his team’s best receiver and running back combined into one player.  

Strong, fast, and agile, Samuel is the 49ers key offensive weapon and getting the ball to him as often as possible could be the key to getting through to the Super Bowl this year. His only previous postseason came in 2019 and we would expect him to beat the figures he posted then as he is now a more experienced and well-rounded player.

Travis Kelce – The Kansas City Chiefs

Travis Kelce joined the Kansas City Chiefs in the 2013 draft and the tight end has become one of their most important players. He has already tasted glory in the NFL postseason, as he helped them to win the Super Bowl LIV against the San Francisco 49ers. Among his impressive achievements to date, Kelce has set the NFL records for most receiving yards in a season by a tight end and the most consecutive seasons receiving more than 1,000 yards.  

As one of the finest tight ends we’ve seen play football, it’s little surprise that he enjoyed a powerful performance against the Pittsburgh Steelers. Kelce managed five catches for a total of 108 yards and also added a touchdown in the victory. He even threw a two-yard TD pass and it’s easy to see why he’s now seen as crucial to his team’s chances of winning the Super Bowl again.

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