5 Best NCAAF Teams Of All Time

While there are some undoubtedly prolific pro football teams, marking out the best NCAAF teams of all time is a little tricky. There are some standout teams across over 150 seasons across many divisions and there are many successful teams and programs. Simply looking over the numbers of championships collected may be an objective way of doing it yet the prospects of the players that were featured has to be taken into account too. To learn the NFL picks this week, simply head to FanDuel.

2001 Miami Hurricanes

Few could argue with how the Miami Hurricanes dominated in 2001 but it was the strength of their team that was arguably the defining factor. Seemingly every position had a NFL star in the waiting. Part of that team’s dominance was its coaching and Art Kehoe was the assistant coach for each of Miami’s championship-winning teams. The Hurricanes had an average of 9.8 points in defense yet were formidable in offense with an aggregate score of 236-72 over the five Top 15 opponents they faced.

The talent ran through the team; from the Maxwell Award-winning quarterback Ken Dorsey to the Outland Trophy-winning offensive tackle Bryant McKinnie. Clinton Portis would score 1,200 yards from running back while defensive back, Ed Reed, scored nine interceptions and totaled the All-American honors. Few teams have come close to such honors which is why the Hurricanes are so renowned. 

1971 Nebraska Cornhuskers

In 1971, the Nebraska Cornhuskers took a step up following the success of their 1970 national title. Few could cope with their offense and defense and little wonder as it was third and second in the championship respectively. A record of 39.0 for offense and 8.0 for defense indicated just how dominant they were as they held a total of ten opponents to seven points or fewer. That included number 2 Alabama who were defeated 38-6 in the Orange Bowl. 

That season, Jerry Tagge threw for a total of 2,178 yards and amassed 17 touchdowns. Even then, Jeff Kinney ran for a huge 1,136 yards and Johnny Rodgers would go on to win the Heisman Trophy the following year having ran 956 yards and catching 57 passes. The defense was arguably the star of the show as Larry Jacobson achieved the Outland Trophy at defensive lineman as the best interior lineman in the nation.

1972 USC Trojans

A year later, the USC Trojans dominated its 12-game slate in 1972 as they defeated 11 opponents by a formidable gap of at least 17 points. Their final triumph was ultimately as dominant and decisive as their season as they beat the number three, Ohio State, by 42 points to 17 in the Rose Bowl. That gave the Trojans their record of six total victories over the ranked teams for the season. Five of the Trojans team earned a level of All-American recognition and the group included Charles Young as tight-end and Anthony Davis at running back who achieved 17 scores and ran for 1,191 yards.

1945 Black Army Knights

For those who remember the 1945 Black Army Knights, few teams come close. That team beat five ranked teams but it was their shutouts which may be most well-remembered. They achieved five that season in a 9-0 campaign which is a staggering record. Then there were the two running backs; Doc Blanchard and Glenn Davis who were first and second respectively in voting for the Heisman Trophy.

The following year, Glenn Davis won the Heisman trophy which indicated just how formidable this team was, especially their backfield. What may be more impressive is how the team was formed after the Second World War. The team also beat Notre Dame 48-0 and the Penn Quakers by a resounding 61-0, the very next week.  

2019 LSU Tigers

As the latest team to be counted here as one of the best NCAAF Teams of All Time, the 2019 LSU Tigers had one of the most prolific offensive records. The team defeated a total of seven of the team in the top ten and their points total alone was a staggering achievement. The Tigers tallied 726 points which was a record for a single-season and in a 15-0 year, they scored no fewer than 36 points in 14 of those games. Another team could come up to rival the record forms set in 2019. To gain the latest idea of which NCAAF team is set for greatness, check out the FanDuel NFL insights.


There are many factors that go into judging the best NCAAF teams of all-time and it is not just based on their aggregate points total. Sure, there is a balance to be sought between offense and defense yet a lot of the players that excelled at college went on to achieve greatness in the pro game. Another factor is the era that the teams played in; such as the Black Army Knights coming in after the end of the Second World War or the 2019 LSU Tigers who had a 15-0 season and effectively dominated. 

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