5 best goalkeepers of all time

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Football is the most popular sport in the world. For example, the last World Cup was watched by about 4 billion people, which means that almost half of the world’s population watched football. This sport is very popular among spectators and fans – it is played by 240 million people around the world, which means that every 25th inhabitant of the Earth plays football. There are about 1.5 million football teams and 300 thousand clubs in the world. Many people know such names as Iker Casillas, Edwin Van der Sar; such titles as League cup, European championships, Bayern Munich, fa cups, World cup, and five premier league titles, etc.

The players of famous football teams are so popular that the world’s best brands sign advertising contracts with them, and the football players have several million subscribers on social networks. One of the easiest positions in football is considered by many to be the goalkeeper position since goalkeepers do not need to run and strain on the field – they just need to jump into the corner and hit the ball at the right time. Of course, in fact, this is far from the case, and the goalkeeper’s position should be said separately. In this review, we will not only look at the peculiarities of the goalkeeper’s position but also talk about the most prominent goalkeepers in the world in the entire history of football.

The goalkeeper’s technique differs from the fielder’s technique in that the goalkeeper is the only player in football who is allowed to play with his hands. The goalkeeper knows several basic techniques – catching, hitting, transferring, and throwing the ball. Depending on the location of teammates and players of the opposing team, as well as on the direction of the movement of the ball, the goalkeeper uses various techniques to defend his goal and to reflect the ball. Each goalkeeper wants to become a footballer of the year, get a goalkeeper award, take part in champions leagues, Europa league, make a world record. But not everyone can be the world’s best goalkeeper and become an important part of premier league history.

It is certainly difficult to evaluate goalkeepers of all time because the rules and technique of the game have changed somewhat over the decades. However, there are several names of goalkeepers that are known all over the world. It is these goalkeepers that will be discussed in this review. More information about international football, the professional career of legendary goalkeepers, premier league, world cups, European championships, European cups, and the greatest goalkeeper players of football history you may find here.

Gordon Banks (England)

The fifth place in the ranking of the best goalkeepers in the world is occupied by the English athlete Gordon Banks. Despite the fact that he has not won as many titles and awards in his career as many other famous goalkeepers, he is known in the history of football as one of the most reliable goalkeepers in the world. He is known largely for the 1966 FIFA World Cup. Then he issued a long dry streak and conceded the ball only in the semifinals when he could not reflect the penalty. That year, Gordon Banks was recognized as the best goalkeeper of the tournament, and after 4 years he became famous for his acrobatic jump – he was able to catch the hardest ball sent by the kick of the legendary Pele, after which he earned a fantastic long standing ovation from the stands.

Peter Schmeichel (Denmark)

Danish goalkeeper Peter Schmeichel occupies the fourth position in the rating. He was considered a revolutionary ahead of his time, and the goalkeeper’s style of play is still the benchmark for many goalkeepers. Today, by the way, the fame of the famous father is continued by the goalkeeper’s son – Kasper Schmeichel, who is also the goalkeeper. Peter Schmeichel is known for his unique ability to reflect balls in the “starfish” style (for this, the athlete spread his arms and legs as wide as possible). It was in this way that the Danish athlete pulled out a large number of so-called “dead balls”.

Peter Schmeichel became famous for his performance at Manchester United. As part of the team, he won 5 English Premier League titles as well as the UEFA Champions League. And in 1992 he won the European Football Championship with the national team.

Dino Zoff (Italy)

Italian goalkeeper Dino Zoff is ranked 3rd in the ranking of the best goalkeepers in the world. He became famous playing at Napoli and Juventus. But the goalkeeper showed himself best of all in the Old Lady, with which he won 6 Italian championship draws, 2 Italian Cups, and the UEFA Cup. He also played for the Italian national team, with which he won the 1968 European Football Championship. And as team captain, he won the 1982 World Cup. Many experts still consider this goalkeeper to be the best in the history of football.

Oliver Kahn (Germany)

In second place is the German goalkeeper Oliver Kahn. He had the nickname “Titan” because he was impenetrable for the enemy. He had an illustrious career with Bayern Munich and was the goalkeeper for the German national team. According to football experts, he was a real salvation for his teams when the defenders were becoming powerless. Oliver did incredible acrobatic jumps to save the ball, and also skillfully deflected the penalty. For example, in the 2001 Champions League final, it was the goalkeeper’s penalty shoot-out that helped Hollywood FC win for the first time in 25 years.

Lev Yashin (Soviet Union)

According to many football experts, the best goalkeeper in the world is the Soviet athlete Lev Yashin. He was known as the “Black Spider” and “Black Panther”. He knew how to trowel the correct position in the goal to reflect any ball, and was also athletic, and had a good reflex speed. It was this athlete who made the evolution in the goalkeeper position when he began to advise defenders and other team members on how best to act because he believed that from the goalkeeper’s position, the game on the field was better visible.

Throughout his career, Lev Yashin played for the Moscow club Dynamo, with which he won the USSR championship 5 times. He was the best player in the Soviet Union national team, with which he won the first-ever European Football Championship. The goalkeeper has received many awards for his performance, the main one being the Golden Ball award. Interestingly, he became the first and only goalkeeper to receive this award.


It is important to note that in the entire history of football, many athletes have shown good results and decent play, so it is quite difficult to choose the 5 best goalkeepers. However, this rating contains the names of those goalkeepers who are recognized by the world football community. These people became part of the history of many European championships, UEFA cup, and world cup history, took such ranks as a most capped international player, FIFA goalkeeper, professional footballer, legendary goalkeeper, most decorated goalkeeper in the sports world, and others. They became the greatest goalkeepers of the European cup, consecutive world cups, European championship, and other tournaments of international level. That is why we included them in the naga rating of the best goalkeepers in the history of football.

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