Clearly no coaching position is completely safe in the NFL nowadays. Regardless of your win/loss record, teams are becoming more demanding of both coaches and players.

A perfect example would be Brian Flores. He seemingly turned the Miami Dolphins into a competitor this past season but still found himself without a job at the end of this season.

The San Francisco 49ers are no exception to the rule as it was announced yesterday that assistant head coach and tight ends coach John Embree was fired.

As many already know, 49ers defensive coordinator Demeco Ryann interviewed for the Minnesota Vikings head coach position. Kyle Shanahan commented on the matter after he found out that Ryann declined a second interview.

“DeMeco didn’t tell us before, he told us on the bus, after we got back from L.A,” Shanahan said. “I was kind of messing with him on the loud speaker and he just sent a text up to me that he had declined it. That’s DeMeco.

“I’m proud of him for doing it,“ Shanahan said. “Minnesota is a great place but DeMeco is a stud. DeMeco is going to be a head coach. He’s too good not to be, whether it’s this year, whether it’s next year, whether it’s any time.

“DeMeco is going to be a head coach and I think helps all people the more experience you get at every position. It only helps you, makes you more prepared for when you get that moment. Not to say if he wanted it this year and he’s ready but he’s only going to get stronger every year that he coaches regardless of what he is coaching.”



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