#45 Proves Sports Are the Best

Written by Matt Chasteen

Chills. Tears. Joy.

Those are the reactions I had to seeing the Los Angeles Angels laying their Skaggs Jerseys on the mound.

I’m not an avid baseball fan. I do watch, but usually just the Cubs. But sometimes, sports just have to prove to you why they are, in fact, THE best.

I remember December 22, 2003. 399 yards. 4 touchdowns. An all out gritty performance. And an 18 year old me wiping tears from my cheeks with my white #4 jersey. The game Brett Favre played after his dad died was a huge inspiration to me. I had just lost my grandfather the year before, whom I was very close with. It struck a chord in me like no other. It seems fitting now to realize that Brett did that in California.

Last night, the Angels combined for a no hitter, while putting up 13 runs on the Mariners, just 11 days after the passing of Tyler Skaggs, in their first home game since the tragic loss. Skaggs’ mom threw a laser right down the pipe for a first pitch strike. Mike Trout demolished a ball to the tune of 454 ft. (Skaggs wore #45). The angels put up a 7 run 1st inning, and finished with 13 runs. Skaggs’ birthday is 7/13. This was the Angels’ 11th no-hitter in franchise history. Skaggs wore #11 in high school. And to cap it all off, the last combined no-hitter thrown in California was in Oakland on July 13th, 1991. The day Skaggs was born.

Sports, truly, are the best.

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