41 New Documents And Bank Statements Posted By Attorney Show College Basketball Stars Like Ayton, Bol, AND Zion Williamson All PAID By Nike…. Duke Responds.

Written by TrevStone

In a group of tweets, bank statements, and new documents by attorney Michael Avenatti alleged that college basketball stars like Ayton, Bol and even Duke Star Zion Williamson’s mother, Sharonda Sampson who was paid for bogus “consulting services” to get Williamson to Duke. That’s only a start to the story. You’ll be able to look over the documents and bank statements below.

Avenatti also claims the shoe manufacturer made cash deliveries totaling $170,000 to people connected to stars like Denandre Ayton, Bol Bol, and Brandon McCoy.

Williamson, Avenatti intimated on Twitter that his mother received money from Nike through the sneaker giant’s vendor portal beginning in 2016.

Michael then went out to collect as many invoices and bank statements as he could. I screenshotted this one below for you. But I included the link for his dropbox of them all below it as well.

“We are aware of the allegation, and, as we would with any compliance matter, are looking into it,” White wrote. “Duke is fully committed to compliance with all NCAA rules and regulations Every student athlete at Duke is reviewed to ensure their eligibility. With regard to men’s basketball: all recruits and their families are thoroughly vetted by Duke in collaboration with the NCAA through the Eligibility Center’s amateurism certification process.”

On Saturday, Duke athletic director Kevin White issued a statement to the university’s student newspaper, The Chronicle, that said the school is looking into the claims.

Duke has a contract with Nike since 1992 and signed a 10-year extension with the school that runs through 2027.

Avenatti was charged last month by the U.S. Attorney in the Southern District of New York who claims Avenatti attempted to extort Nike by seeking about $20 million to not reveal the potentially damaging information via a news conference. Avenatti has also charged with federal tax crimes in a separate case in California.

The documents that Avenatti published on Saturday claim that people affiliated with Ayton, a former star at Arizona, received $83,000 while acquaintances of Bol, who played at Oregon, received $57,000 while people affiliated with McCoy, who played center at UNLV, received an estimated $30,000.

Just let these athletes get paid. Why not? They can’t go to school, have a job, and play college sports. That’s impossible. There isn’t enough time. On top of being a 18-20 year old. Just let them collect money from whoever. Or give them a base salary. It doesn’t have to be munch. Why not have a set pay scale for these stars?

If colleges have millions of millions of millions of dollars…. Why not? It makes no sense. College is the biggest scam possible. They are always taking. Why not give? What should happen with Nike? Players are going to get paid somehow.

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