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3B Josh Donaldson Agrees to a 4-Year Deal with the Minnesota Twins

I called this back before Christmas, so technically I’m the source. Kidding. All the credit in the world to Mark Feinsand. It was the big free-agent target that the Minnesota Twins needed to sign.

With first baseman C.J. Cron heading over to Detroit, and Miguel Sano likely shifting over to first, the hole at third was wide open. The Twins main threat in the division so far this offseason, the Chicago White Sox, signed free agents Yasmani Grandal, Edwin Encarnacion, and Dallas Keuchel. It was bound and determined that the Twins would make a splash that all of us were waiting for.

Of course, there is always risk when it comes to signing any free agent and keeping them around into their mid-30s. But the pop in Donaldson’s bat is still there and he helps provide leadership to an already young and talented clubhouse. Chalk this up as a win for the Minnesota Twins for now – it’s the biggest name that they’ve signed in YEARS! Minnesota still factors to benefit from possibly adding another arm or two, but they finally have their guy.

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