3 QBs To Pick Up This Week

Written by Scal

Between the breaking news of Aaron Rodgers being out this week, as well as usual bye week struggles, many people are scrambling to grab a QB for this week. In my opinion, these are the top 3 options.

First is gonna be Carson Wentz. While I do not really trust him as an NFL QB, fantasy wise he has been solid. He is rostered in about 60% of leagues, so obviously there is a chance he’s not a free agent. But if he is you should grab him. In 4 of the last 5 weeks he has put up over 20 points, a serviceable number. Wentz also has a favorable matchup against the Jets this week.

Second I like Ryan Tannehil. With King Hennery going down, there is obviously going to be a lot more throwing in Tennessee. It appears AJ Brown has figured his issues out. Ryan has put up over 20 points the last 2 weeks. He has a tough matchup against the Rams this week, but I still expect solid numbers to be put up.

Third is actually going to be Jordan Love, the replacement for Rodgers this week. Love has had a lot of hype around him since getting drafted. But due to obvious reasons he has not seen the field. This is somewhat of a high risk high reward choice, but going against a really bad Chiefs D I think Love has value.

Bonus here is Taysom Hill. With his dual threat ability, there has to be assumptions that he will put up solid points on the ground. 30 rushing yards and TD is 9 points, and for Hill that does not seem even a little unrealistic on a weekly basis.

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