With the 2021 calendar year coming to a close tomorrow night, it would not be finished with a little controversy in a college bowl game.

Earlier Thursday night, the Purdue Boilermarkers were able to edge out a wild 48-45 win over the Tennessee Volunteers, if not for a (questionable) goal line stand by Purdue.

You can see in the clip below that Vols freshman running back Jaylen Wright does his best to get to the end zone, but was ruled down and short via stoppage of forward progress. Or maybe not.

There was no whistle heard in the replay above, but Wright’s body did not touch the ground until he reached the ball across the line. However, as mentioned, his forward progress was stopped short.

And with that loss, hopefully coaches and players watch out for themselves after what happened with the whole golf ball/trash throwing incident that occurred with Vols fans earlier this season. At least Ole Miss coach Lane Kiffin was able to have fun and took one of the balls home with him.


You be the judge on that replay.


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