Rutgers Hoops is off to a 1-0 start, but it came in quite possibly the least inspiring fashion possible. We beat Lehigh by three in overtime. They’re ranked 296th in the country. So, I can’t exactly say my national championship hopes are sky-high.

That was a lie. My hopes are sky-high. The RAC, or Jersey Mikes Arena, is still electric, Geo Baker is still the clutchest player in hoops, and Ron Harper Jr. is still an elite scorer. I’m really just gonna chalk this one up to some incredible shot-making by Lehigh, spotty officiating, and early-season rust for the fellas. We’ll be fine.

Not to mention, Cliff Omoruyi played like freaking Shaquille O’Neal tonight, and this Freshman Jayden Jones looks like he could have some Cade Cunningham qualities. No, not being a father at age 16, I’m talking about his ability to finish in the paint. So yeah, I still expect us to be in the Final 4.

By the way, to any Rutgers students/fans who may be reading this, can we do a little better when they play the Wonderwall Remix on the speakers? That song is freaking magnificent. When the beat hit it makes me wanna run on the court and give my paint defense a go, but it seemed I was the only one that felt that way today. You could hear a freaking pin drop in the arena when that song came on. Do better.


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